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Revision 3.2.02 extends the system design and analysis capabilities of GeoDesigner to the leading edge of modern residential heating and cooling technology. Advanced features such as variable-speed fans and two-stage operation are now available for all system types, including geothermal, furnaces, air conditioners, or air-to-air heat pumps. GeoDesigner 3.2.02 also includes the latest models for each system, including those utilizing alternative refrigerants, and now offers the choice of the appropriate indoor coil combination and outdoor coil condition for air-source units. In addition, hydronic capabilities have been added for geothermal systems, including a dedicated water heating option.  Download GeoDesigner Software


Engineering Calculation Spreadsheets

Energy Cost Converter

Buoyancy Calculator

Pool Sizing

Header Sizing Guide

Utility Rate Converter (for use with GeoDesigner)

Spreadsheet Tools Manual


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