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About NextEnergy West Technologies

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NextEnergy West Technologies Ltd.

36 Highway 97B

Enderby, BC V0E 1V3


Tel: 250.804.3878  |  Fax: 250.838.0809

Email: info@nextenergywest.ca


Jim Croken, President

Tel: 250.833.6126 |  Email: jim@nextenergywest.ca


Nick Croken, EIT, Vice President | Mechanical Engineer

Tel: 778.214.1125 |  Email: nick@nextenergywest.ca

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About Us

NextEnergy West Technologies (NEW) is a proud distributor of ClimateMaster heat pumps, and HVAC products for Western Canada. NEW Technologies is associated with NextEnergy, offering cutting-edge design and support for innovative green solutions. To preserve our status as a leader in the geothermal industry, NEW Technologies hand-picks dealers and monitors their workmanship. To ensure high quality installations, advance geothermal training is provided, and in addition, onsite field training is available for dealers.

NextEnergy West Technologies has over 15 years of geothermal installation, trouble shooting and HVAC experience. We accept any challenge and will make it successful for you.

About Our Support

We are proud of our relationship with ClimateMaster, the largest geothermal manufacturer in the world. Each ClimateMaster product is produced in a state-of-the-art facility utilizing quality ISO 9001:2000 certified management systems. We partner with ClimateMaster because, like us, they strive for the highest product quality and service after the sale to give you peace of mind.


NextEnergy West Technologies Ltd.

36 Highway 97B, Enderby, BC V0E 1V3


Tel: 250.804.3878 | Fax: 250.838.0809

Email: info@nextenergywest.ca

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