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About Geothermal

A geothermal system uses energy from the sun that is stored in the earth, to keep you comfortable all year round.

How Geothermal Works

A geothermal system uses solar energy stored in the ground to heat and cool your home. The earth absorbs 47% of the sun's energy (heat) all year round. Even in the winter, when a blanket of snow covers the ground, the earth's temperature remains approximately 10°C (50°F) six feet below the surface. This means that you have a steady supply of energy to keep you warm during the winter and cool in the summer. There are 3 main components of a geothermal system: a ground loop, a heat pump and a distribution system.

The Ground

The Pipes

A series of pipes (ground loop) is buried under your yard. An anti-freeze solution is circulated through the pipes making the loop a highly efficient conductor of energy. In the winter, the solution absorbs the heat from the ground and is pumped through the geothermal unit in your home.

In the summer, the process is reversed. The fluid in the pipes leaves the home in a warm state, and after it circulates underground, it returns cooler.

The ground loop is connected to a geothermal unit located in your home.

The Geothermal Unit

Forced Air

This type of distribution allows the system to use your existing infrastructure to circulate hot and cool air throughout your home. This is the most common application and sometimes requires an update to your ductwork. A forced air unit will continuously circulate air through your home, keeping the temperature consistent and you comfortable.

Water to Water

Commonly used for residential applications requiring energy efficient water-to-water heat transfer, these systems can pre-heat or cool make-up air. It can also be installed as a stand-alone boiler/chiller in most hydronic heating applications such as radiant floors and fan coil heating /cooling.

Make use of the largest source of energy available – the ground beneath your feet.

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The Distribution System


The geothermal unit is connected to the home’s existing heating/cooling distribution system, whether it's standard ductwork, water-based (typically with radiators) or in-floor radiant.

The Benefits

Low Maintenance

All you need to do is clean the electrostatic filter once a month.

Quiet Operation

Pumps quietly circulate fluid through the heat exchanger—there isn't any combustion or forced-flame racket. And there's no need for your old, noisy air conditioning, which can sometimes interrupt outdoor festivities.


Geothermal systems eliminate indoor temperature swings and humidity changes that often occur with traditional systems. In addition, odor caused by fossil fuel is no longer a problem because your house will no longer use them.

Long System Life

Geothermal units have a life expectancy of at least 20 years. That's about 5 years longer than a traditional heating/cooling system. Additionally, unlike traditional air conditioning systems, geothermal equipment is not exposed to the outdoor elements that lead to decreased functionality and lifespan.

The Environment

Geothermal systems use a renewable resource - ground heat - which is efficient and non-polluting. Replacing a fossil fuel system with geothermal will immediately reduce your energy emissions by 50%. That's the equivalent of taking four cars off the road!

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