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Tranquility TZ-22

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Tranquility TZ-22

The Tranquility® 22 Digital Series is an economical alternative for significant energy savings AND unmatched home comfort. The Tranquility® 22 Digital Series is a game-changing new geothermal heat pump that is the first in the industry to integrate digital communicating controls, 'Plug & Play' integrated variable-speed water flow, two-stage capacity, and variable-speed fan. The system is engineered for quiet, efficient operation and comes in multiple capacities.

The Low Utility Bills

Extra high efficiency (EER 22 / 4.1 COP) produces significant energy savings.

Powered by electricity instead of fossil fuels.

Consistent geothermal temperature reduces energy use.

Hot water generator can lower home hot water cost.

Environmental Tranquility

Energy Star® Tier 3 qualified.

Roughly 75% to 80% of heat supplied comes directly from the earth itself and is clean, free and renewable.

Little or no CO2 emissions help prevent global warming.

EarthPure® Ozone Safe refrigerant has higher efficiencies and zero ozone depletion for unprecedented environmental protection.

MERV 7 filter removes up to nine times more dust, lasts three times longer and captures nearly 100% of pollen and spores compared to traditional fiberglass air filters.

Homeowner Satisfaction

Energy Star® Tier 3 energy efficiency AND comfort, leveraging geothermal technology – both energy efficient and eco-friendly by harnessing the energy from the ground around the residence / business.

Easy to install: Tranquility® 22 Digital breaks barriers never attempted before in the geothermal industry in making it the easiest geothermal system to install, period. To recap, they include, plug-and-play, communicating thermostat & configuration, small footprint and quick loop connects.

Two-stage technology automatically adjusts itself to provide the optimum, consistent indoor air temperatures regardless of the weather extremes.

Variable-speed blower motor (standard) adapts to various duct systems for greater flexibility and helps even out hot or cold spots.

Insulated compressor compartment and interior cabinet, plus no noisy outdoor fans reduce noise.

Automatic alerts, simplified controls, and easy, lift-out access panels make it easy to use and service.

E-coated air coil resists corrosion for longer life and improves moisture removal capabilities for additional comfort.

Cabinets are heavy-gauge galvanized steel and epoxy powder coated for durable and long-lasting finish.

The drain pan is stainless steel, both corrosion and stain resistant, and slopes to facilitate drainage.

Geothermal heating and cooling has no flame, no odors, and no danger of fumes.

Tranquility® 22 is engineered for safety with compressor, overflow, and freeze protection, plus a shut-down switch and fault lockout.

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